Multicube Self Storage Leeds
Secure, safe self storage

Wakefied Storage and Self Storage

Multicube has been serving the people of Wakefield with a comprehensive storage facility for over 25 years, specialising in personal and commercial storage.

From our facilities located just outside the city centre, we are able to provide short term and long term packages, excellent low cost storage and a range of different sized units. What makes us different from our competitors is our extras, including additional access hours and constant CCTV.

Our full range of storage capabilities at our Leeds site includes the following:
• Commercial Storage
Personal Storage
Student Storage
• Archive Storage
Business Storage
• Self Storage

We are also able to offer a tailor-made package to suit each individual, so please specify on request exactly what your unit will be needed for.

So why should you choose Multicube for your Wakefield storage needs?

Multicube offers the low cost answer to secure and safe storage in and around Leeds. From as little as £9 a week, we ensure your documents and other items are secure and safe, and through greater accessibility options, get your hands on them when you need. We have developed a friendly and approachable customer care team that are always able to recommend the best storage options and we even allow for growth or shrinkage of your unit size should you require extra or less space.

For more information about Multicube, and how we can help you help with your individual storage needs, please call us on 0113 222 9999.



  • Just 1.5 miles from Leeds City Centre
  • Low cost storage services
  • 25 years storage experience
  • High security storage facility
  • Fully insured & guaranteed
  • Experienced & professional staff