Multicube Self Storage Leeds
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Storage Morley and Self Storage Morley

Multicube offers a broad range of different options for residents in Morley, including personal, commercial and business storage capabilities.

The ability to put items into storage and then use them as and when needed can be a big advantage. It can help to keep offices or homes free of unnecessary clutter and guarantee where items will be when you need them in the future. We have a reputation for being able to cater for many different needs, including seasonal business requirements.

Here at Multicube, we also have other storage options available, with our full range including:
• Personal Storage
• Self Storage
• Student Storage
• Commercial Storage
• Archive Storage
• Business Storage

Our warehouse has scope for many different sized storage facilities and we can provide short and long term storage options depending on your individual demands.

So why should you choose Multicube for your Morley storage needs?

Multicube is easily accessible with a LS1 Postcode and has convenient access hours, which can include 24 hour openings upon appointment. All our storage units are monitored by CCTV which ensures complete security and safety and are kept to the highest levels of cleanliness by our staff.

For more information about all of our storage options, or to discuss a storage contract, please call Multicube on 0113 222 9999.


  • Just 1.5 miles from Leeds City Centre
  • Low cost storage services
  • 25 years storage experience
  • High security storage facility
  • Fully insured & guaranteed
  • Experienced & professional staff