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Best places to hide your presents for Christmas

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 Finding the right hiding places for your families Christmas presents can be a hard but incredibly fun tradition in the run up to Christmas. Here are some tips from our team at Multicube on where to hide your big and small gifts from prying eyes.

1. Hide in plain sight
Hiding presents in plain sight may seem like a foolish idea, however it could work when hiding presents from smaller children. It’s unlikely that kids will look under that boring box under the sink, or behind the shoe rack in the cupboard, or even in the recycling bin.

2. In empty suitcases
Providing you are not going on holiday before Christmas, use your empty suitcases to hide bigger presents. Children are unlikely to think of checking the cases which are usually kept in the same place until summer rolls around again.

3. Boot of your car
The boot of your car is a good way to keep the presents out of the house and away from your children. Just be sure to keep them covered and inconspicuous, in case your children look in your car.

4. Under the Christmas tree
One extremely clever place to hide presents for your family is under the Christmas tree. Wrap the presents up and then label them incorrectly, such as for grandparents or work colleagues, and the kids will surely leave them alone. All you need to remember is whose present it whose, and to swap the labels back on Christmas Eve.

5. Your self storage unit
For complete safety for your larger presents, such as bikes or sports kit, your own personal self storage unit is the perfect option.

Here at Multicube in Leeds, we have a wide range of sizes available, at highly competitive prices. Our units are dry and secure and easily accessible in the run up to Christmas. For more information on what we have available, please contact us on 0113 2229999.

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